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Social Policy

Social Policy:

In ANWARTEX Industries our overall objective is to comply with all the applicable labor laws and regulations, including Environmental Laws. Our efforts are focused with dedication, which ensures compliance of all the principles and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility, International Standards of WRAP and buyers Code of Conduct. The cumulative activities are designed in a manner which ensures output. With continuous efforts we make sure that ANWARTEX Industries remains a socially responsible organization with a vision to continuously improve its level of compliance. 

In ANWARTEX Industries rights of all individuals are respected, the employees are elected on merit without considering cast, color or creed and each individual is provided with an equal opportunity for growth, it is also ensured that no employee is harassed or abused within the organization.

It is further ensured by the management that social policy is properly communicated to all its suppliers / sub-contractors and the same principles are properly implemented.