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Security Policy

Security Policy:

We are Committed:
• To doing what is right.
• To conduct business with employees, customers, suppliers and all others based on honest, fair and equitable basis.
• To being a good neighbor and partner in our community
• To conducting our business with the environment in mind.
• To provide fair return to society, employee and stakeholders.

To develop, implement and continuously improve the Security Management
System which include:  

• Complete access and exit control.
• Security of human and material resources inside the work premises.
• Maintaining the integrity of cargo being shipped outside the premises including shipments to foreign countries.
• Providing early warning and response in case of suspected or impeding threat to individuals or material.
• Creating a security mindset amongst the organizational participants through intensive and regular training programs.
• Ensuring thorough knowledge about the individuals enrolled or being employed with special emphasis on the security clearance of key appointments.